About Us

New Brunswick Energy Institute


The Institute’s mandate is to commission and oversee scientific research in New Brunswick, peer review relevant research from other jurisdictions, and provide access to the information for New Brunswickers in an easily understood format so it can be considered in forming opinions about appropriate courses of action in the energy sector.


The NBEI’s mission may be encapsulated in four objectives:

1. To fund and foster research which will assist with the understanding of, and decision making related to energy issues and potential development in New Brunswick (including exploration, production, transportation, transmission and utilization);

2. To examine energy-related research and observations in other jurisdictions, to assess their value and relevance to the New Brunswick scene;

3. To communicate the Institute’s findings in a clear, objective and comprehensive fashion to all New Brunswickers, including both the public and decision makers; and,

4. To provide advice to the Government, either unsolicited, or upon request.

In pursuing its mission, the Institute will carry out its work in a manner that maximizes the opportunities to enhance the knowledge base and research capabilities in New Brunswick.